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BETA CAE Systems, is a rapidly growing company, and a key player in the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Industry.

Our engineers pride themselves on creating, vending and supporting cutting edge technology and innovative solutions for top clients and global leaders in numerous industries.

Acknowledging that people are the most important asset in our business, we cultivate a culture based on teamwork, respect, recognition and inclusion, and we trust our people to improve and reach their potential.

Working in BETA CAE Systems means that you will be a part of an environment that motivates people to succeed. You will be encouraged to continue to grow your expertise, through a continuous improvement process, and be in the front line of the latest developments in the industry by being exposed to challenging problems that create value to the top players in many industries.

You will team up, in smaller and bigger groups, with talented and accomplished colleagues who will be more than willing to help you improve your professional skills while having the best work-life balance and personal development opportunities doing so.

Life in BETA CAE Systems

Open Positions

If you want to join our team, check out the following opportunities:

Software Developer (SD-GUI-18)

Expires: 5.11.2018


Kato Scholari, Thessaloniki, Greece

C/C++ Software Engineer with background in Computational Geometry or Applied Maths (SD-MATH-18)

Expires: 31.10.2018


Kato Scholari, Thessaloniki, Greece

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