Notice of Processing of Personal Data

Beta Cae Systems declares that personal data included in the Careers Register form filled in by candidates, constitute items of processing pursuant to the provisions of the Greek law 2472/1997 as in force, referring to the “processing of personal data” with exclusive purpose of this processing the evaluation of candidates’ skills and qualifications for the Open Positions or any other job vacancy within the company for which they may potentially be evaluated as suitable.

Employees of the company who are responsible for the processing and/or other external partners of the company who are authorized by the company to perform this task, i.e. the task of collecting, selecting and evaluating submitted curriculum vitae notes, are the exclusive recipients of the above-mentioned personal data.

By registering in the Careers Register application and filling in her/his personal data and any other information of his curriculum vitae, the candidate declares explicitly that she/he agrees with and approves the above-mentioned processing of her/his personal data and any other submitted information for the purpose described above.